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The Protected Areas Act establishes a protected areas system. It is in line with the Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) protected areas management categories and expressly refers to the following categories: strict nature reserve; wilderness reserve; national park; natural monument; management area for habitat or species; protected landscape or seascape; and managed resource protected area.

Outside the system established by the Protected Areas Act, the wildlife and forest legal frameworks also provide for the establishment of conservation areas. The Wildlife Conservation, Management and Sustainable Use Regulations allow the Guyana Wildlife Conservation and Management Commission (GWCMC) to enter into agreements with other governmental agencies or with private landowners for the use of lands for the management, conservation and protection of wildlife. Similarly, the Forests Act establishes as a power of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to declare any area of state forest to be a specially protected area for a specified period not exceeding 25 years.

Although ecotourism is not specifically regulated in the legal framework it is mentioned in legislation concerning forests and protected areas. According to the Forests Act, ecotourism is included as part of forest conservation operations. It is also an activity for which a permit may be granted to operate in state forests. The Protected Areas Act establishes that a management plan may include provisions for ecologically sustainable tourism in the protected area or in partnership with local communities.

There are no specific provisions on offences and sanctions related to ecotourism. However, the general penalty from the Wildlife Conservation, Management and Sustainable Use Regulations may apply, which establishes a fine as a sanction.

There are no specific provisions either on the powers or responsibilities in relation to ecotourism. However, in Guyana, there is a tourism authority in charge of developing the tourism industry, the Guyana Tourism Authority. The Guyana Tourism Authority Act establishes the functions of this organization regarding to tourism.