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The Makira Natural Park is teeming with an extremely rich diversity of flora and fauna, including 17 species of lemurs. This park is one of the largest intact forest blocks in the country and many local people depend on it for natural resources. Given the remoteness and lack of available domestic meat, subsistence-level hunting is practised, amongst other activities, by local communities. However, hunting threatens the future of wildlife in the region, particularly for species that are threatened or endangered.

The SWM Project in Madagascar is promoting sustainable use of non-protected wildlife species and an increase in the supply of alternative proteins to replace wild meat consumption. The project therefore aims to ensure food security for local communities, while at the same time conserving endemic species. The project is being implemented by the Wildlife Conservation Society, in collaboration with the Government of Madagascar.


  • Conducted preliminary analysis on the importance of customary law for the sustainable management of wildlife;
  • Worked, together with communities and local authorities, on action plans for strengthening the capacity of community natural resource governance structures;
  • Carried out several activities (training, finalization of fittings and henhouses disinfection) to prepare beneficiaries for receiving chicken and fish;
  • Established basic veterinary services and developed the chicken vaccination strategy.
  • Provided support to Makira community patrols.


Map of the SWM  activities in Madagascar
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